Dress Designs For The Next Prom

On the night of your prom, you should look as hot as you can possibly be without overdoing it and this does not always come from wearing the most expensive dress. It all boils down to the particular style. Some prom dresses are simply hotter than others. Most people assume the most revealing dresses are hotter than those that cover up more skin. Although revealing more will definitely make you look hotter than usual, it not the best trick to go for. Comfort, mobility and opportunity to wear the dress to other formal events are all important considerations. There are various tricks that designers use to come up with the hottest prom dresses. Surprisingly, these are usually some of the simplest designs with minimal flare and glossiness, moderate pearl and beads and cleaver slits, waistline and necks. Here are a few insights to help you land that hot dress that everybody at the prom will remember you for:

Start by assessing your own body

African Amercian Prom DressNo single style or design can be hot without factoring the person wearing it. For instance, a long hot prom dress with a high slit and pool may not compliment the frame of a short plumb lady as it is primarily designed for taller slimmer frames. Similarly, the embroidered pearl red carpet style favors ladies with some pounds and slim frames will feel thin and awkward in such designs. It is therefore very important to know your body and what makes you look hotter. You probably own a few dresses which you look stunningly hot in and know what to expect. Once you know your body type, curves and details to accentuate, you can go in search of the most fabulous prom dress collection knowing exactly what aspects to review.

Consider the existing styles and their effect

You will come across numerous styles that look amazing, but not all are hot. Three piece dresses that include a choker neck, racer back with a tummy expose` and stretcher skirts that cover you down into a pool may look incredible on longer uniformly toned frames. Open back shoulder bodice with caving chest curvature on the other hand suite frames that have more breast mass. You can always try on the given styles if you have the time and see what effect they have on in front of the mirror. Try out some high slits or sleek nude illusion tulle skirts and walks a few steps. Do you feel hot? No? Neither is the dress and you should try another one.

Identify and count the “hot” points

The hottest prom dresses are not only called so because they compliment a specific group of people. Such dresses do have some “hot” aspects that qualify them to be regarded as hot. It may be the beading, amount of skin exposed, they way they clobber your body, elasticity and retraction, design folds and cuts, flexibility and feature accentuation, color, embroidery and patterns, stitching, illusion and other variables. Identify what makes the dress hot. Is it flexible enough to settle on your contours and provide nude illusion or does it only stretch enough to hug tightly on your curves? Are comfortable in the dress? How much does it drop into your cleavage? What design is provided for the neck and waistline? Does it adjust with your walking motions and settle into the posture you remain motionless? All these will determine whether it is hot or not.

How about reviews?

Hot prom dresses are definitely recognized by a majority of people and will be seen on some of the famous actors and red carpet personalities known to cherish hot outfits. If there is no buzz surrounding the dress, then it is yet to be discovered, or maybe it isn’t as hot as you may think. The hottest prom dresses also tend to have more reviews that point out how hot you look and feel on the designs. If the reviews about hotness are not building up, do not believe how hyped the retailer may describe it.


It is important to note that hotness harmonizes with all the other factors such as comfort, mobility, quality, safety and style overreach. There is no need to buy a supposedly hot prom dress that is not comfortable, or gets damaged after a few wears. Hot and expensive are two different things although not many cheap offers will have enough characteristics to look hot. Generally, you should try out the dresses or look at pictures of your lookalikes on the dress to determine if you will also be hot wearing the particular design.