Dark Skin And Makeup Color And How To Apply

Most darker skin tones require having a separate set of cosmetics to ensure that everything blends well. If you compare it to lighter to medium skin tone, it is so easy to look for your color and to blend the product into the skin is not that difficult. For example, find the right foundation and concealer products.

These types of cosmetics are essential in applying make-up. This comes in light-medium to extensive coverage. So, it is imperative that you can look for the particular type of cosmetic that will assure the longevity and blends correctly to your skin.

The rule of make-up depends on the skin tone, but the application of cosmetics to your skin does not vary. Although there are different ways of how you’re going to apply a particular product and the process of doing it step by step can be of your preferences. To assist you more on how you’re going to use makeup techniques and tips for your dark skin, here are the following ways to help you learn about how you’re going to learn with having the best looks as you can.

Foundation– it is important that you can choose the right blend of foundation with your skin or else you will sound like a chameleon. There are so many brands out there that provide a broad range of dark color tones for the make-up foundation. If you are still a beginner in looking for the right foundation tone, just swatch the product on your jaw down to the neckline. This is to determine if the product blends well towards the neck area. Consider an oil-free makeup foundation that is lighter than your tone of your skin.

Powder– another important factor that you must have especially after applying foundation and concealer to your skin is the make-up powder. For darker skin tone, it would be best for you to choose a light sheer quality of the powder. This will help your skin look dewy and fresh without having to look oily nor shiny.

The use of sunscreen– do know that having to expose yourself to the sun rays requires for you to wear sunscreen. Since you have darker skin tone, that doesn’t exempt you from getting yourself sunburnt. Do know that as you are exposed to the sun, its effect usually aged your skin by having wrinkles and of course, sun damaged.

Eye make-up– most women with darker skin find it very challenging in choosing for the right eye make-up shadows that allow you to have a smoky look. However, if you want that kind of look, the use of burgundy, dark browns, copper, and prunes can get you a dramatic kind of look. Trying out and experimenting eyeshadows that will give ideas as to what kind of look should you do next time around.

Cheeks– of course, your cheeks need that glow too. Even if you have darker skin tone, keep in mind that you can always use brushes such in a shade of dusty pink, dark peach, cinnamon and cocoa shades.

Lip color– there are so many different colors to choose from for your make-up look. However, choose the right lipstick color that will suit the style of your make-up. There are lip colors that are very “creamy and buttery” inconsistency which is mostly moisturizing. Lip shades such as plum and berry are the safest color for you to put on to complete your makeup look.

Moisturizers– keep in mind that before you put on your make-up, it would be best to apply your regular daily moisturizer to keep your skin fresh and healthy.